Tuesday, June 16, 2015


see ya in a few.

From his mission president we received the following letter:

As your missionary prepares to leave the Chile Concepción Mission, I would like to thank you for the opportunity I have had to work with him . No other work in the world promotes more emotional and spiritual growth for young men and women than the work of bringing souls to Christ. It has been a privilege to work with Elder Hutchins as he has served the people of Chile.
Elder Hutchins has been a faithful, dedicated missionary. He is loved and respected by all of us in the mission and by the members and nonmembers whom he has served. He has influenced the lives of many for good by encouraging them to love God and follow His Son, Jesus Christ. His missionary experience prepares him to step into the future, knowing that his Heavenly Father will help him succeed in accomplishing his righteous desires.
You will receive a copy of a letter that will be given to your stake president regarding your missionary’s service in Chile.
Thank you for the support your family gave Elder Hutchins while he was serving he mission and the support you will give him as he adjusts to his “post-mission” life. We hope that he will continue to strive each day to retain the companionship of the Holy Ghost, as he did in the mission, and that he will also continue to look for and fulfill opportunities to serve others. May the Lord bless you and your wonderful missionary as he returns home.

He'll be home on Wednesday June 17, 2015